Dubai Balloon - Experience a balloon flight with the Aero30 the World's Largest Helium Tethered Balloon - Dubai Balloon Rides with Big Discount!
in Dubai, UAE

Dubai Balloon/Helium Tethered Balloon Dubai

Welcome on board the World Largest Helium Tethered Balloon!

A unique chance to experience the grace and spectacle of balloon flight above 'NEW DUBAI'.

Passengers can expect to see 360-degree views of some of the incredible Dubai's man-made structures(Palms and Buidings) at an altitude of 150 meters!

Let our professional team make you to this memorable "Must do" in Dubai in the safest environment.

Dubai Balloon/Sky Dubai Adventure is operating the Aero30.
Aero30 is the World Biggest Tethered Helium Balloon carrying an open air passenger gondola holding up to 15 till 30 people at time. Flights are available every 15mn and reaching an altitude of 150 meters maximum high.

Located by the Egypt court entrance at Ibn Battuta Mall Dubai, UAE. We are waiting for you from 10 am, every day.

Planning your visit

Passenger safety is our most fundamental priority. This means that due to wind and other weather conditions it may not be possible for us to fly on certains days. We, therefore, recommend that when planning a visit you call us first to ensure we are up and running!

  • Dubai Balloon

  • Flights are available every 15mn
  • Reaching an altitude of 150 meters maximum high
  • Open from 10am to Midnight
  • For groups and events available any time upon request!
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